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meet the owner

Hi, I’m Ben Hamilton. I started Mokko because, at 26, I was unhappy with the direction my career path was taking and I asked myself the simple question, what would I do if I didn’t have to worry about money? I always landed on building- that and traveling the world. 

But building has always been a passion of mine since I was a boy. I just picked the tools up and taught myself. It came naturally and I quickly recognized an innate knack for the trade. My most significant tool though, is a critical eye on details, which is unique in today's building environment. 

If it’s not art;

what’s the point? 


As the years have gone on, building clients peaceful tranquil environments to relax in has been my favorite part. This can be achieved with many different mediums and methods, but one thing that sets me apart is my intentional dedication to details. Simple lines and spacing, that might sound arbitrary to the average person, are of the utmost importance to me. Without an eye for these things a space can feel very chaotic. 


This is my passion, so I carefully choose one remodel or project at a time so I can concentrate my full attention and creativity on it. I consider the work to be art with the construction as the medium. I’ve come to realize over the years as a contractor that I want to spend the rest of my days making and building projects that are of a creative sense. The more technical, the more unique, the more I am intrigued. ​

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